• Katsuya Endoh, Miu Kanematsu, Kota Kikuchi and Toshitaka Amaoka (2023)
    "Mixed Soundscape and Cityscape"
    NICOGRAPH International 2023 [PDF]
  • Katsuya Endoh (2023)
    "Liquefied Voice Graffiti: Representation of sound symbolism using ink as a metaphor"
    NICOGRAPH 2023 [PDF]
  • Takuya Taketomi and Katsuya Endoh (2023)
    "An attempt to visualize the representations of Champloo culture in Bingata"
  • Miu Kanematsu, Toshitaka Amaoka, Kouta Kikuchi and Katsuya Endoh (2023)
    "Collective Shadow Display -Proposal for a shadow display by using programmable miniature robots-"
    NICOGRAPH International 2023
  • Mamoru Hiramatsu, Katsuya Endoh, Takuya Taketomi and Toshitaka Amaoka (2023)
    "History -Visualization of people flow through prepaid transportation cards usage history-"
  • Kouta Kikuchi, Takuya Taketomi, Katsuya Endoh, Toshitaka Amaoka (2022)
    "Code to Frame : An Attempt to Continue Activities of Work Production and Exhibitions in Creative Coding"
    NICOGRAPH 2022 [PDF]
  • Yuki Watabe, Kouta Kikuchi, Katsuya Endoh and Toshitaka Amaoka (2022)
    "Proposal of Depth Keyboard"
    NICOGRAPH 2022
  • Takuya Taketomi, Katsuya Endoh, Kouta Kikuchi (2022)
    "Practical report of developing interactive system in interdisciplinary PBL"
    Meisei University School of Information Science Department of Information Science, Tama Print, ISBN 9784991131738.
  • Miu Kanematsu, Kaito Shimizu, Yuma Okamura, Toshitaka Amaoka, Takuya Taketomi, Kouta Kikuchi and Katsuya Endoh (2022)
    "Ywine -Proposal to produce a cafe in the COVID-19 crisis-"
    NICOGRAPH International 2022
  • Kota Kikuchi, Katsuya Endoh, Takuya Taketomi (2022)
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    Society of Art and Science academic journal DiVA, Vol. 52, p. 48
  • Katsuya Endoh (2022)
    "Liquefied Voice: Development of AR graffiti art linked to voice"
    NICOGRAPH 2022 [PDF]
  • Miu Kanematsu, Kota Kikuchi, Katsuya Endoh, Toshitaka Amaoka (2022)
    "RandoMove: Proposal for programmable displays"
    NICOGRAPH 2022 [PDF]
  • Katsuya Endoh, Takuya Taketomi, Toshitaka Amaoka (2021)
    "Development of a visualization system for different communities of practice in application development"
    WISS 2021 [PDF]
  • Katsuya Endoh (2019)
    "A Study in Scarlet: Proposal and Consideration of Visualization Method of Relationship between Kanji Used for Color Words and Colors Represented by Color Words"
    NICOGRAPH 2019 [PDF]
  • Rhena Wakamiya, Kota Kikuchi, Katsuya Endoh, Toshitaka Amaoka (2019)
    "Color Avatar: Interactive Art to Visualize Individuality"
    NICOGRAPH 2019 [PDF]
  • Takuya Taketomi , Katsuya Endoh , Kouta Kikuchi , Toshitaka Amaoka (2018)
    "Other Selves: Subjectivity expression by SNS using shadows"
    NICOGRAPH 2018 [PDF]
  • Kouta Kikuchi , Katsuya Endoh , Takayuki Ono , Toshitaka Amaoka (2016)
    "KUI: Kage User Interface"
    Entertainment Computing 2016 [PDF]
  • Katsuya Endoh , Takuya Taketomi , Ayaka Kawase , Tamami Ito , Li Zhenya , Shinji Ohtaki , Takayuki Ono , Toshitaka Amaoka (2015)
    "How to Make Planets: An Entertainment System with Hand Drawn Illustrations and Modelings of the LEGO Block"
    Entertainment Computing 2015 [PDF]


  • "Meisei University Department of Informatics Open Lab Workshop "Transition of Things" Exhibition" FILTER gallery (2023.9.2 ~ 2023.9.2) [FILTER gallery]
  • "Future Ideations Camp vol.1: Import * exhibition" Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT] (2023.2.24 ~ 2023.2.28) [CCBT]
  • "TAMABLE exhibition" Parthenon Tama (2023.2.11 ~ 2023.2.12)
  • "Miru Koto" Koukagarou (2022.5.7 ~ 2022.5.8) [Koukagarou]
  • "Code to Frame" Koukagarou (2022.4.9 ~ 2022.4.10) [Code to Frame][Koukagarou]
  • "Meisei University 50th Anniversary Project 'Omoshiroi Katachi'" Parthenon Tama (2014.4.18 ~ 2014.4.20)


  • "Creation and performance experience of Robotic Drum Machine: Workshop at Meisei University Open Lab" Meisei University (2024.2.22 ~ 2024.2.29)
  • "Transition of Things: Collaboration Workshop & Hackathon between Meisei University Department of Informatics and Architects" Meisei University & FILTER gallery (2023.8.26 ~ 2023.9.2)
  • "JAM 2023" Meisei University (2023.1.28 ~ 2023.2.4)
  • "JAM 2019" Meisei University (2019.1.11)